The excitement of the holidays has finally subsided, and I am looking forward to getting refocused on the new year and getting things done.  Like getting ready for a vacation right now!  It's even a bucket list item that I will get to check off, The Jackson-Barrett Car Auction.  Taking place in Scottsdale, Arizona, this is the largest of the sales that the company puts on throughout the year.  To say that I am excited would be a huge understatement.

As the time has neared, my wife and I have been doing the normal things to get ready.  Finding a pet sitter for the time away, making sure work aspects are taken care of and trying to figure out what the weather will be like while there.  While getting in the mood when it comes to cars, we have been doing a few extra things to get our mindsets where they need to be.  Catching past shows on tv is a big help, but I also started digging through some of my favorite movies that have formed my love of cars.

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Featured this year at the show will be two cars that have some of that movie pedigree.  Two names that are more familiar now with the release of Ford VS. Ferrari, are Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles.  Both of those names will be prominent at the show as their personal cars will be up for auction.  Amazing examples of incredible engineering in their own right, there will also be many other classics, exotics, super cars and more that will cross the block.

Barrett Jackson Website
Barrett Jackson Website

The Black Hornet Carroll Shelby

Let's get to them!  Check out my top 10 car movies to get you in the mood for the big auction.  Kick the tires and light the fires, here they come!

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