Is it just me, or do people with messed up cars drive horribly in Great Falls?

Let me preface this article by saying I'm far from a good driver; however, I'm not actively running people off the road.

I can't tell you how often I'm driving along minding my own business, and a car comes flying out of nowhere and about hits me, cuts me off, or is driving erratically.

And it never fails; more times than not, the car or pickup that increased my blood pressure is beaten to heck.

Do they not give a rip because their vehicle is already destroyed?

So the question remains, what causes this phenomenon?

Is it merely a coincidence, or is there a psychological basis behind why people with messed-up cars tend to drive poorly?

Ignorance or Neglect?

Are the issues with an individual's car the reason they drive the way they do?

Does the lack of maintenance make the vehicle harder to drive?

I suppose this seems like a stretch, but it's a possibility.

Psychological Factors

Does driving a car in disrepair have psychological implications?

Is it possible that some folks feel embarrassed or ashamed about their poorly maintained vehicle, leading them to drive more recklessly or aggressively to avoid drawing attention to their car's condition?

This seems a bit counterintuitive to me.

Or is it possible that this behavior compensates for their perceived inadequacy, making them more prone to taking unnecessary risks?

At the end of the day, I have no idea why it seems crummy drivers generally have crummy cars, but it certainly does seem to go hand in hand.

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