Normally A Pain, Now This Renewal Is Easy in Great Falls

We've all been there.  Probably for hours at a time.  The motor vehicle department has been the bane of drivers for years.  But a recent update of software at the state and local level in Montana is making some changes to that.

Even the Montana Attorney General has been touting this new system, explaining that over 75,000 people have been able to receive quality, fast service at our locations across the state for the MVD.

Putting The New Software to the Test in Great Falls for 2024

In previous years, getting a renewal on your license plates or a driver's license oftentimes required taking at least a half day, and in certain cases, a full day off from work, just to stand in line for hours.

Oddly enough, my own driver's license was due this year.  And the anxiety of the process had me wondering when to set my time, to make sure I was there and able to wait.  Boy, was I totally wrong on this one.

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Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy at the Great Falls DMV

I set my appointment for renewal online for 2:10pm, figuring it was enough to ensure I would get done before closing.  I arrived at 1:59pm for check in.  Received a text I would be called.  Before even getting comfy in my chair, my number was called.

Canva/JD/JD Graphix
Canva/JD/JD Graphix

And yes, 8 minutes later I was out the door.  Before my appointment was even scheduled!  Simply unbelievable and incredibly amazing.  The other phenomenal part of the experience?  The person helping me was in training!  And still got me down the road in less than 10 minutes.

What has your experience been at the MVD?  Good or bad?

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