I'm Installing Missiles on My Car in Great Falls

Apparently, I am what my wife calls an "aggressive driver" when I get behind the wheel of our vehicle.  After leaving the garage, it will probably only take a few turns or blocks before I am chastised for yelling at another driver, or that I am speeding, accelerating to quickly, or tailgating someone.


Ok.  Maybe I do get a little ramped up when I feel the horses rev under the hood.  But in some cases, you just have to be in order to get out of a bad situation.  I am blaming it on being raised on gravel roads.  And maybe a touch of being a guy.  Just a little.

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I Would Never Be Safe with a Bond Car in Great Falls

If you travel the streets of Great Falls, you already know that we have some of the worst drivers out there.  Not using a blinker, sliding into other turn lanes, running red lights.  That list is endless, really.


But this one happening to me in a local parking lot just sent me over the edge.  So much so that I really do want a machine gun in my car behind the headlights.  And yes, I seriously already have the button for it in my rig:


What Was This Crazy Driving Spectacle in Great Falls?

Driving through the parking lot yesterday at our local box store, a common problem arose as I pulled out of my parking spot and headed towards the exit.  Driving down my lane, which was the main lane to the exit, another car appeared from my side.

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You know what was happening, right?  Someone was cutting across the parking lot the opposite way of the parking lanes.  Hey, we've all done it.  But this gentleman was oblivious to the fact I was coming right for him!  Even honking at him didn't deter this man from getting through the lot the wrong way!  After hitting the brakes to let him by, all I could do was hit the little button above and wish it worked.


So, anyone know a great installer in the Electric City that deals in missiles?  Be careful out there drivers of the Falls.

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