I am just going to dive right into this subject, without hesitation.  This is a no ifs ands or buts kind of thing.  If you try to make it across this town at any given point in the day, you take your own life into your own hands.

There are some incredibly horrible drivers across the Electric City.  And I seem to encounter every single one of them when I get behind the wheel of my ride.

When Those Little Straws Finally Break the Camel's Back

I am going to start with the most blatant of them all to get this motor fired up.  You pull into the turn lane, patiently waiting for your turn to cross traffic.  You inch your way into the intersection, only to have the light turn red on you.  Instead of holding that position, waiting for the little green arrow light to tell you it is your turn, you run the red light.  Not only you, but also the person behind you that decided it was ok.  What are you thinking?  It is a RED LIGHT.  The amount of restraint some days it takes to not just ram these people out of the way, well, let's just say if I drove a true beater, it would probably happen more than my insurance would allow.

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Other Common Bad Driving Habits That Make Me Rage Even More

I seriously think some of the drivers in Great Falls have received their driver's license from a box of cereal or the old Cracker Jacks boxes.  How did you ever pass your test?  Between never using a signal, careening into other turn lanes, or this favorite from yesterday:  just suddenly stopping in the street to let someone in.  During the flow of traffic.

I could go on and on about other terrible things that drivers across the town do.  But I digress and will leave that up to you out there.  Hit us up on our socials, or you can email me here some of your horrible experiences trying to make your way to the grocery store.

Here are some more of those terrible drivers that we all seem to encounter at the most inconvenient times when trying to get to work or to home.  Or maybe even the grocery store or golf course.

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