Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen announced that the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) has served over 75,000 customers since launching the new driver services system in November.

The new system has far surpassed our expectations. At most exam stations, Montanans can walk in without an appointment and be done in about 10 minutes,” Attorney General Knudsen said. “I’m proud of what MVD has accomplished and the excellent customer service our examiners are providing to make everyone’s MVD experience as pleasant as possible.

Streamlined Appointment Process

  • Same-Day Appointments: Now available at most exam stations across Montana, addressing the previous two-month wait for appointments.
  • Online Transaction Expansion: The new system offers more online services, with nearly one-third of customers completing transactions digitally.
  • Reduced Appointment Times: Appointment wait times have decreased by 68%, with credentials delivered within seven to ten days.

Enhanced In-Person Efficiency

  • Transaction Speed: Average transaction time at exam stations reduced from 22 minutes to less than seven minutes.
  • Shortened Wait Times: Wait times for scheduling in-person appointments slashed from 48 days to less than two weeks, with next-day availability in many locations.
  • Significant Decrease in Office Wait Times: Wait times for written tests and driver examinations reduced by 92%, and renewal wait times decreased by 93%.

Future Improvements with CARS

The Credentialing and Registration System (CARS) is part of a larger effort to enhance customer service and efficiency at MVD exam stations.

The upcoming third phase, expected to launch in March 2025, will revamp the title and registration process, benefiting various stakeholders and simplifying county operations.

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