Growing up, there was always a favorite toy.  For some it may have been a favorite doll, stuffed animal, or in my case the Evel Knievel stunt motorcycle.  But what happened to those toys?  Have you managed to hold on to them all this time?  Perhaps in a box that hasn't been opened in years?  Stuffed in the basement or a closet only to be remembered when you are looking for something else of importance.

Yes, They Are Worth Some Cash, But What About The Memories?

In some circles, classic toys can bring big money.  A classic Barbie doll can run into the 10's of thousands of dollars, Matchbox cars are through the roof as are many of the models of toys that may have been short-lived.  Think clackers or lawn darts!  However, would you be willing to sell those precious memories?  Can you really put a price tag on those?  Even if it is something that you haven't had out of that box in years?

Start Digging Today For Dollars Tomorrow Or A Trip Down Memory Lane

Check out our gallery of 10 of the most common of those toys that you may have hiding in your basement or closet.  Could you be sitting on a gold mine of either money or memories?  It may be time to start that spring cleaning a little early and get a jump start of paying for that summer vacation, or finding something to entertain your children or grandchildren during those vacations!

Behind Closed Doors - What Toys Are Hiding In The Closet?

Everyone has had that favorite toy from childhood that we spent hours upon hours playing with. Do you still have it? Enjoy our Top 10 Gallery of toys people have stashed in their homes.

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