Toys!  Toys!  Toys!

Toys are a big part of everyone's lives.  Childhood toys and adult toys.  Toys are just fun.  I remember playing for hours outside with toys that would make kids these days fall over laughing hysterically.  But there are those classic toys that will last generation after generation.

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Some toys from the past are gone for good.  Not because the toy factory decided to stop making that toy, it was later realized, that the toy really was dangerous.  Are safety standards a lot higher these days?  Did we even have safety standards twenty to thirty years ago?

Some of those toys from my past didn't seem that dangerous back then, but looking back now, I know some of those toys were down right dangerous.  My brothers and I played pretty hard growing up on a small farm and we survived.  There were a few times that I can look back at and say that we were actually pretty dang lucky because we could have been seriously hurt.  Then again, we survived.

I have put together a list of toys that I loved to play with, but have now been banned.  Banned because they were too dangerous.  There are a few of these toys that I would have to admit and agree that they were actually dangerous.  I mean really, lawn darts.  Whoever thought that an oversized dart that you would toss high up into the air while children stood underneath it waiting for it stab into the ground.  Over and Over again.  And whos parents would even give this game to children?  Oh parents did!

Toys That Didn't Kill Us


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