Attentions Crafters.  Register For This Great Falls Weekend of Activities.

Crafting is fun.  I enjoy making things.  They might not turn out pretty, but I enjoy crafting.  Now in days there are online communities dedicated to nothing but crafters.  You can sell your crafts on line, share ideas, copy what others have done, and so much more.  But do you really get that satisfied feeling when your "crafting word" is mostly over the internet?

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Really?  How many times have you pause a YouTube video, going through the motions, and following instructions, to tie the perfect bow?  I can honestly say, at least 50 times.  And I never did perfect that "simple bow".

Well...get ready for an exclusive weekend, with nothing but women who share your same passion for crafting.  Craft Central of Great Falls is hosting an upcoming weekend for crafting women.  A weekend to get together, share ideas, share some cocktails, and knowledge.  A chance to make new friends and spend some time relaxing in a hot tub.  Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.

Weekend Details

Crafting Madness is coming up February 16, - 19.

$375 single occupancy
$245 double occupancy

Included with that price:
Your Room with pool & hot tub access
8 foot table
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Each Day
Free Cricut Class on Sunday

Get Registered

To get yourself registered send a group text to Kelsey (406-399-2455) and Becky (907-252-4557) with your name, if you need a single or double room.

Grab those crafting bins and get signed up.  It's time to get crafty ladies.

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