Heading into the past weekend, it has so much promise.  Beautiful day in the Electric City considering it is January in Montana.  I was able to connect with a golf buddy and get a quick 9 holes in on the local course.  I followed it up with an even better evening of time spent with my son and his family.  Things were going so smoothly.  The kind of good where you know something is going to come along and just ruin it all.  Who knew it would be a simple check of the mailbox.

Upon arrival at home, I checked the mail to see that we had received our latest bill for the gas in our house.  Most of our home is gas, including the water heater, furnace, gas stove and even a gas clothes dryer.  In the over 25 years we have lived in our home, never has our charge for natural gas been ridiculous.  On average, we run somewhere in the area of about $80.  Always.  So when opening up my bill for December into January, I nearly needed to be sent to the emergency room for a heart attack!

For some context, my bill for November to December was $56 dollars.  This past month?  My bill increased almost six fold!!  My bill read OVER $292!!  The even more incredible part to the story is my furnace went out in December and we couldn't even run it for 9 of the days in the billing period.  What the??!!  What about you?  Did you see a massive increase in your bill for this monthly period of billing?  Did you call for an explanation?  Hit us up in the comments and look for a follow up story coming soon on why this happened!

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