Don't worry if the headline spooks you a little.  You don't have to have this done by tomorrow.  Or even this weekend for that matter.  But back to school will be here soon and any chance you have to get ahead of the game makes it so much easier with a lot less headache.  Think of it like Christmas shopping.  Only in July.  When it's hot.

Getting Things Rolling Before the Big First Day of School Arrives

In Great Falls, it seems as if the children were just let out of school for the summer.  Since we run into the first week of June, it's easy to see how this happens.  But the new school year is already on its way, with children getting back into the classrooms on August 30th this year in Great Falls.  You can find a complete list of the events, calendars regarding not only school activities, but also music and athletics.  Get all your information here from the Great Falls Public Schools.

The Costs Are Adding Up to Astronomical Numbers for This Year

Thanks to the folks at the National Retail Federation, their new study on the costs of getting a child back to school show just how scary those numbers really are.

Here are some of the more outlandish costs from that study:

  • The average parent will be spending nearly $890 on back-to-school shopping.
  • Back to college spending sees a nearly $20 billion increase over last year, up to nearly $94 billion this year.
  • Electronics are some of the most expensive items on the list.  From laptops to tablets to calculators, they all add to the overall cost.

The study also notes that 55% of parents have already started their back-to-school shopping for this year.  Have you?  What are you finding when it comes to cost?  Same as last year?  More or less?  Let us know your thoughts here.

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