Is a Montana Born Candidate Important to You This Year?

As I reached into my mailbox a few days ago, sure enough, there it was.  Amongst the bundles of furniture store ads, solicitations for credit cards, a couple of bills and a political flyer or two.


Yep.  The big one.  It even had the word official on it.  As in "Official Election Mail as Authorized by the United States Postal Service".  It was time to grab the best pen I had on my desk and get busy.

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This Isn't About Who to Vote for on Your Ballot in Montana

My wife and I align pretty closely on political views.  So, a political discussion is generally a pretty open one in our house that occurs more often than not.  A point we came upon recently was how much to place on where someone has been born and raised.


And to add to that, where is the point that someone "becomes" a Montanan?  10, 20, 30 years?  My wife pointed out that her family were originally from Oregon and California.  But after some 50+ years, yes if fact they were a Montanan.  So, again, where is the line and does it really matter?

The Major Players in the Top Races of Montana

As our discussion continued, we both realized we didn't know where some candidates were born, or where home might be called.  I headed towards the internet and came up with a few of the answers.

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I want to again emphasize that this list isn't meant to be political in any way.  It is simply to show where each of some of the major players in some of the top races actually hail from.  Montana born?  Grandfathered in?  Just got here last year and already poking the bears or bison?

You be the judge, good luck and get out and vote everyone!

  • Jon Tester - born and raised in Montana
  • Tim Sheehy - born in Montana, raised in Minnesota, moved to Montana 2014
  • Ryan Zinke - born and raised in Montana
  • Monica Tranel - born and raised in Montana
  • Elsie Arntzen - born and raised in Montana
  • Troy Downing - born and raised in California, moved to Montana near 1998
  • Denny Rehberg - born and raised in Montana
  • Greg Gianforte - born in California, raised in Pennsylvania, moved to Montana 1994
  • Ryan Busse - born and raised in Kansas, moved to Montana 2020

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