How To Become Santa Claus Under the Big Sky

The job description is quite extensive when you first look at it.  It may even seem overwhelming to some when it comes to the requirements.  Not just anyone can take on this roll either.  It takes a special person that loves kids, cookies, milk and a little travel.


What exactly does it take to become a Santa Claus?  Did you know that there is a university that does just that?  Making sure that each representative of the big guy at the North Pole knows just exactly what is expected of them.

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Welcome To Santa U - Everything You Need to Know

Yes, there really is a Santa University!  The program was created by The Noerr Programs Corporation. Each year, Santa University trains over 430 Santa Claus actors to appear in 300 shopping malls across North America.


What's learned?  Public relations director Ruth Rosenquist says:

It’s a four-day intensive training session, and we cover every single aspect you can think of when it comes to being the consummate Santa." The lesson plan includes the proper technique for sitting with a child on one's lap, as well as tips for keeping up appearances while remaining in a chair for 8-12 hours per day.

More Options Available to Becoming Santa Claus

Think you have the beard to do the gig?  There are several ways to attend a Santa Claus University, with several schools offering services to train you on how to be the best you can be at the job.

Here are 3 of the biggest in the United States:

  • School For Santas - World's largest school for Santas.  With over 5,000 graduates and 20 years of training and support.
  • Legendary Santa University - Dedicated to preparing you in the art of creating the beloved characters of Christmas.
  • Worldwide Santa Claus Network - Referred to as the Stanford University of Santa Claus's, this school offers a Santa Claus Portrayal & Business Mastery program year around.

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