Better Stock Up on the Hot Stuff Now Montana

Since the "great pandemic" hit us a few years ago, it seems to be the normal circumstance that things become harder to find.  It doesn't need to be an expensive item either.  Even our condiments have been affected.


In the last 2 years, one particular condiment that is extremely popular has seen shortages hit them each summer.  For 2024, it doesn't seem that it is going to change for lovers of a certain hot sauce on the market.

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Will Montana Enthusiasts Be Able to Find This on Shelves This Summer?

Again, this year, the makers of the popular Sriracha Hot Chile Sauce have indicated that there may be shortages coming to distributors, causing store shelves to be bare.  Huy Fong Foods stated in a release to wholesalers obtained by USA Today that the supply of peppers was too green.

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Therefore, they would be halting production on the sauce until after Labor Day.  The reason being that the green peppers were leading to a discoloration of the intended color of the sauce.  Halting production on the sauce now will allow the new crop to be available in the fall and come to maturity.

Other Options for Your Under the Big Sky BBQ in Montana

Need to have the hot stuff still when you can't find a particular brand?  No worries, we have gathered some alternatives for you in the gallery below.  There are a multitude of options for your seasoning pleasure that might fit the bill, or rather stomach in this case.


Do you have a favorite hot sauce besides Sriracha that is your go to?  What is it?  Is it a local brand or something that you found on the internet or from a recommendation by a friend?  Tell us about it with our app chat feature, comment in our socials or you can email us here.

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