(Note:  This meeting is set to take place at 5:30pm today, May 7th, 2024)

Is Bambi An Enormous Problem in Great Falls Neighborhoods?

Having lived in Great Falls for longer than I care to admit, I have seen a lot of changes through the years.  And until I saw a social media post from City Commissioner Rick Tryon, I guess this subject was something that I had noticed but hadn't taken into account as to just how much it had grown.


Do you notice an over-abundance of urban deer within our city limits?  And I mean within.  Downtown for instance.  Or perhaps the 10th Avenue South area?  Some areas such as Fox Farm, Park Drive or River Drive see even more.

Apparently, There Really Is a Problem, And Great Falls Has Noticed

The urban deer population in our city has grown.  So much so that the city has taken notice to explore an "Urban Deer Program" during their weekly work session meeting this week (May 7th, 2024).  You can find a link to city meetings here once they have been posted.

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In Commissioner Tryon's post, some people took him to task regarding the need for one.  But you only need to look 90 miles away in Helena to see that urban deer can and will become a problem.  Kudos to our commissioner(s) for recognizing it and putting it on the agenda for a discussion.

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My Two Cents with Two Separate Thoughts on Deer in Great Falls

I get it.  The deer are cute.  They make for a great picture to share on social media with friends.  If you aren't accustomed to seeing something like it every single day, it is special.  And they look great in the brochures that tout our town to tourists.  All fine and dandy.

I have been one of those that ogled.  Having worked next to Anaconda Hills Golf Course for many years, I saw them constantly.  And yes, they are cute!


But they can also be a nuisance.  I've seen countless haystacks on the ranch be mauled by them.  And gardens and flower beds.  Do we even head down the Chronic Wasting Disease rabbit hole about deer?  I certainly don't want to face a rutting buck at 5am heading to the door of the studio.


My point is this.  We have an urban deer population that is growing in Great Falls.  Better to get after them now and have a plan than wait and have to fight them for a place to have a picnic at Broadwater.

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