Miscon, The Must Attend Event in Montana Memorial Weekend

If given the opportunity, would you live in a different time period?  Or have superpowers, be an elf or even perhaps solve a murder-mystery scenario over and over again?  Sure, many of those are fantasy, or science fiction or horror that won't happen.  Or could it?


On Memorial Day Weekend, you have the chance to see all of those and more come to life in Missoula, MT.  If you are wanting something that will "fascinate, educate and entertain you" then this is definitely a must-see event.

Montana's Premiere Science Fiction Convention, Celebrating Fandom

Miscon is that convention and celebration, but also so very much more for everyone.  Over the 4 days of the convention beginning on May 24th, 2024, attendees will have opportunities to talk with various panelists, actors, artists, authors and more.

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The event also features 24-hour gaming, an art show, merchant booths, writer's workshop, and costuming.  The Miscon Convention website touts "MisCon offers families an opportunity to share an experience both fun and educational".

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The Miscon Theme and How to Attend This Convention in Montana

Each year the team from Miscon choose a theme for the year that helps to decide the guests and panelists and the overall feel of the event.  This year the theme is "The Dark Forest".


Notable artists attending this year include game designers, award winning cosplayers, authors, even Hollywood special effects designers will all be available for fans to rub elbows and ask questions of.  To find out more information on Miscon: The Dark Forest 2024, check here.

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