During Halloween month, I wanted to take a quick look at what always will make my list of favorite movies for this holiday.  When it comes to what to watch for a get together with family and friends, or just because it is October and I am doing my best to get into that spooky spirit, we all have favorites.  Favorites that bring out that sudden tingle on your neck, a falling feeling in your stomach, or even better, the "cover your eyes" moment!

With horror films, I never have been a fan of the serious slasher or gore genres.  That isn't to say that I won't watch something with some killer scenes, but I don't need to see stuff spurting across the screen non-stop either.  If the movie happens to contain something with a pet, it will probably be a no from me also.  Bad guys go boom?  No problem.  Little scruffy doesn't make it?  That's a no from me dog.  (Sorry Randy Jackson!)

What's up on your calendar for the month of October when it comes to movies?  Have a favorite that always makes the list?  Argue about what should be considered a Halloween movie?  Gore, slasher, horror or suspense?  Check out my Top 10 below to see what finds it's way onto my big screen at home, you may find something you want to try.  Hit me up with the app from the link below, or check the social pages from our site to comment.

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Halloween Movie Favorites For October

What made the list and will be hitting my home theater to create havoc? Some classics, some never heard of and all of them with amazing soundtracks. Let's get this started!

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