When updating for the upcoming winter, my wife has been busy repairing, sanding and repainting our storm windows on our home.  In removing some of them, we noticed that the screens were becoming amazingly thin from years of being in the sun and elements.  Like almost dust type thin.  Living in an old home, we have huge windows.  The thought of having to remove, take to someone to repair and then haul them all back hoping not to poke another hole in them seemed daunting.  It doesn't have to be however!

Torn screens happen.  Whether it's the kids rough-housing, the cat trying to reach the squirrel outside, or me getting frustrated with the little metal pull tabs and having my finger slip off only to put a wonderfully sized hole in it.  You know, just large enough for my cat to get out, or pretty much any rodent to wander in to the bedroom.  Don't let them!  In the following gallery, we'll walk through just how easy it is to fix one and in the process save you a little money from a repair person.

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As with all projects, make sure your workspace is clean and clutter free.  Keep any light cords out of the way, and always clamp any top to your saw horses.  Don't forget the safety gear also!  Grab the gloves, safety glasses and get after it!  We'll show you all the tools and the replacements you need to get the project done in no time.  So get to it, you may even feel like cracking a cold one when finished to enjoy those cool fall evenings with the window open.  The bonus?  No wondering whether the cat got out!  Check the gallery below and happy home repairs!

Replacing Your Window Screen: An Easy Step By Step Process

At some point in time, we have all managed to damage one of the screens in our home. Whether it be our children, pets or trying to take in or out the window air conditioner, it happens. But don't worry! This easy walk-through will have that new screen in and keeping the air flowing but the bugs out in no time!

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