Home ownership can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time.  It seems that once one problem is solved, another will creep into the forefront of need to be immediately fixed before the basement floods.  At certain times, we have products that have been put into our homes that were "ok" to use.  There was a time when lead pipes were the norm in our homes.  We even used vermiculite to insulate our walls and ceilings.  But, as time has shown, not all of these advancements have been in our best interest.

Polyvinyl Carbonate - You Know It Better as PVC - And It's Everywhere

When my family moved into our new home over 22 years ago, it was a total gutting of the interior.  Lathe and plaster, knob and tube wiring, vermiculite and even lead piping was all thrown out of our 1902 home.  When it came to replacing plumbing, at the time, copper wasn't nearly the price it is today.  We went with a majority of copper in our home, but there are sections that required PVC to be run.  Most homes are at least a portion of PVC, or maybe completely.  Think about it, when you need to replace the pea trap in your sink, it's plastic, not copper.

What The Experts Are Saying About the Risks of Using PVC in Homes

In 1974 the use of vinyl carbonate was outlawed in aerosol products but is still widely used in the making of PVC.  The EPA at this time only has one rule on the books regarding the use of pluming materials in homes; it must not contain lead.  That leaves a pretty big can of worms to be opened in regard to regulations of what is being used.  Are we in danger?  Probably not as much as if you have asbestos or vermiculite in your home, or even lead based paint.  The jury is still out, but will it make you consider changing the pipes in your home?  Let us know in the comments or email me here.

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