Pros In Montana - Meet the Great Falls Electrics Team

How much Great Falls sports history are you aware of?   Famous names are easy to recite in our town.  Dave Dickenson, Todd Foster, Josh Huestis and more have called our city home.  There have even been adopted famous names out there in sports history also, be it baseball, football or basketball.


Now Great Falls has that chance again with another professional sports team calling the Electric City home.  Have you checked out a game at Swarthout Fieldhouse at Great Falls High for the Great Falls Electric?

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This Isn't the First Professional Basketball Team in Great Falls

Announced in June of 2023, the new Great Falls Electric team is part of The Basketball League (TBL) and owned locally by Jim Keough.  The new team will be in the Western Conference, playing against teams from Oregon and Washington, with 24 home games scheduled at Great Falls High School.

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This will be the fourth professional basketball team in Great Falls.  The Montana Sky played in 1978-1979.  The Montana Golden Nuggets, coached by now famous and retired George Karl, were in the early 1980's, and the Great Falls Explorers in 2008 and 2009.

How To Attend a Great Falls Electric Game at Home

Led by head coach Johnny Clark, the Great Falls Electric play home games at the Great Falls High Swarthout Fieldhouse.  Tip off for games is 7pm, with most games happening on Friday and Saturday.

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Season tickets are available for purchase online at their website, or you can individually purchase tickets to specific games.  The current league schedule runs through April and May in Great Falls.

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