This Great Falls Art School Just Closed Without Warning

Since 2015 in Great Falls, students of music and art have been walking through the doors of the Bass Clef School of Music and Fine Arts.  Over 1000 of them have had the opportunity to excel at their chosen instrument, be it musical or on paper and more.


Those students were left without a school this past week in Great Falls as it was announced by the owner that the show wouldn't be going on.  The school is closed immediately, with liquidation from the store happening now.

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Founder Makes Heartfelt Statement Via Facebook in Great Falls

In a social media post on April 24th, Tim Bass, founder of the school stated that "It is with a heavy heart that I need to close Bass Clef School of Music & Fine Arts due to staffing issues. It has been my pleasure working with so many wonderful students and their families since 2015."

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Bass indicated through another post that most of the staff resigned on April 20th, perhaps due to wage issues.  Another possible reasoning was, according to post, "that some of the staff felt unsafe at times downtown due to the unruly homeless problem. Downtown businesses have voiced this concern for a few years now."

Some Parents Left Wondering What Happened in Great Falls

While some parents were notified, others were left wondering what happened and where their children would be able to continue their musical or artistic classes.  Comments on the social media pages suggested the Great Falls Symphony, or one of the many music shops.

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For artists, the Heisy Youth Center will be offering classes as will the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls.  As for a chance at reopening the venue at Times Square, Tim Bass said, "if the staff was qualified and didn't require huge pay...we're a small business and can't pay what some expect."

You can read the full statements from Bass Clef School of Music and Fine Arts below:

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