School Board Taps Hoyer for New Leadership in Great Falls

The search for a new superintendent for Great Falls Public Schools has led to a seasoned professional being offered the opportunity to lead our schools into the future.  The bonus in this hiring will be this person is a familiar with our schools and grew up in Montana.

In a press release, the Board of Trustees announced they had tapped Heather Hoyer to replace the retiring superintendent Tom Moore for the future.

Credentials and Experience Lead to Decision for Great Falls Trustees

In January of this year, the school narrowed their search to two finalists, Hoyer and Steven Mayhue, currently superintendent at Froid, Montana schools.  After extensive interviews with each candidate, a public meet and greet and tours of the school system, Hoyer was ultimately offered the position February 20th, during a special meeting.

Great Falls Board of Trustees said the interview process included comprehensive interviews with the Great Falls Education Association, Community Group Representatives, District/Classified Leadership and that of the GFPS Board of Trustees.

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A Depth of Experience with the Great Falls Public Schools

In the press release, the board said:

(the) decision to offer Mrs. Hoyer the contract was based largely on her experience in administration at a Montana AA School and for the depth of her experience with the Great Falls Public Schools.

That experience includes serving as the current Executive Director of Student Achievement since 2019.

Great Falls Public Schools board chairman Gordon Johnson cited the following about Hoyer:

We were deeply gratified to have had two extraordinary candidates as finalists for the Superintendent’s position. Each candidate interviewed with a depth of knowledge of the responsibilities of a Superintendent and were sincere in their interest in providing the best possible education for our youth. We feel fortunate to have someone of Mrs. Hoyer’s background and experience and look forward to working together in realizing her vision for our schools as we move into the future.

Mrs. Hoyer and the Montana School Board Association and Great Falls Public School District to determine salary and contract language.

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