This has to be one of the best summer into fall seasons that Montana has seen in many years.  At least in Central Montana it has been.  Hardly any wind to whip the trees and strip every single leaf from them.  Not a single hard freeze or heavy wet snow (yet!) to break limbs from the trees.  However, it does appear that more of the fluffy will be on it's way this week, and with the quick reminder we had a few days ago, it's time to reset the vehicle list for the winter and be prepared for Old Man Winter.

As the snow does fly, often we are unprepared, even in Montana.  By that statement, I mean rotating what we carry in our vehicles when it comes to seasons.  Think tow ropes instead of water ski ropes.  Insulated gloves versus fencing gloves.  Even sleeping bags for picnic table cloths.  Being prepared for those adverse conditions beforehand is always handy!  Always remember, chance favors the prepared mind!

Check out the gallery below of 5 things that should be in your vehicle as we head into November and the wintry driving conditions that Montana always will bring.  Plus, as a bonus, check how you can follow the latest road conditions across Montana with an easy downloadable app.  While you are at it, download our app below to stay up to date on the latest weather conditions and forecasts.  Drive safe out there everyone!

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Repack For The Winter - It's Tow Ropes, Not Water Ski Ropes!

With winter months coming and weather turning more to snow, it's time to rethink what we have in our vehicles. Don't be caught in the high country without the proper equipment for those "where did that storm blow up from" moments!

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