Passion can come in many forms in our lives.  It can encompass life, work, family, friends and even our past-time hobbies.  You might even have a bucket list of items that you have tucked away and check off those accomplishments.  Perhaps you play a sport and have a list of enjoying everything possible with it.  When it comes to my personal bucket list, a few of those items are related to golf.

Crafting A List and Starting to Check Off the Items One by One

After picking up the sport of golf many years ago, there were some easy things that I wanted to get to.  My first par, first birdie, even a hole in one.  Having accomplished those, I have added a few more items that I would like to have happen.  Visiting some of the more famous courses is definitely a part of that.  Teeing it up on number 18 at Pebble Beach, The Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale and the amazing hole 16 par 3.  Or even taking a stride across the Old Course in Scotland.

Checking Off One of the Top 100 In the US Right in Montana

With consideration to the immense amount of golf courses across the US, being able to play a top 100 course directly in Montana is a must.  But where is it?  This year, Golf Digest selected the Rock Creek Cattle Club in Deer Lodge, Montana as part of the list.  It ranks in at #56 on the report this year, compared to being #81 in the 2022 rankings.  Again, not bad when you consider just how many golf courses there are.

If you want to take a little longer trip to check off a few others on your list, Idaho is featured with the Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club.  You can also visit the Shooting Star Golf Club in Wyoming for an incredible day hitting the links.  Better get started!

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