Golfing Through a Brutal Snowstorm Is Easy in Montana

As leaves begin to turn in Great Falls and across Montana, it means that I will eventually have to quit playing golf for the year.  At least outside.  In my older age, I have become a much more avid "fair weather golfer" versus the "we have to play every day, regardless of weather conditions" guy.

However, it doesn't have to mean the total end to your golf fun with the buddies just because Mother Nature throws a few flakes in the air.  Or a lot of flakes.  We can get the best of her.

Have You Ever Tried Out a Simulator for Your Golf Fun?

My first experience with a simulator was back in the early 1990's at a local watering hole.  However, as I hadn't picked up the sport yet, we simply threw balls at the screen.  As hard as we could.  Don't do that.  You will throw an elbow or shoulder out in no time.  Trust me.  My second came just a couple of years ago, during my fitting for my new clubs.

After using it a few times to get the right clubs for me, I have become more intrigued with using one during the winter months in Great Falls.  There are even leagues that you can join through those storms in January and February.

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Clubs Are Cleaned, Where Do I Head to Sign Up for Indoor Golf?

Unless you have a buddy, whose wife allowed them to sell a kidney and get their own simulator in the garage, there are two locations in Great Falls to still golf through the winter.

Simulator golf will offer you a weatherproof way to still enjoy the links, plus you can play a myriad of amazing courses that you often see the pros playing.  Check out the following two locations to get your swing on:

  • The Golf Room - located in the Westside Center, they offer golfing year around.  Deals are available for members, but the public can also make a tee time.
  • Canyonville Golf Club - located downtown in the 400 block of Central Avenue, this is a members only club, with details available here about signing up.

What do you think?  Is it worth it to be able to golf year around in the Electric City?  Have you used a simulator?  What was your experience, whether it be good or bad?  Let us know in the comments of our social media, with the app chat feature or you can email me here.

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