The golf courses of Great Falls are a love or hate thing, but it doesn't mean they should be treated poorly enough to ruin them.

There.  I said it.

There are aspects that I love about each of the public courses available for us duffers and amateurs to hack around.  Some offer the folks who can pound drives at great distances, those who love the old-school vibe of playing where the rich people did, or just fine-tuning your shorter game at an executive course.

Each of them is unique and enjoyable in their way.  However, there are a few glaring things that they all have in common.  Horrible etiquette.


I See It On Every Course I Play, Regardless Of The Price Of The Round

I am not a world traveler of courses, but have played a few around the state.  Every single one has one form of this terrible golfer that has either played before me at some point, or I get teamed with them when heading out on my own.  Sure, I have probably broken a golf rule here or there, but these are just so blatantly bad, that I can't imagine ever doing some of these.


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5 Things You've Probably Observed At Your Local Muni Course

Alright, let's go ahead and expose some of these etiquette faux pas that need to be addressed.

Let's get this roasting started.

  • Landing your perfectly hit drive in the fairway only to find that it is resting against the beaver pelt that someone decided either to not replace 15 yards behind you, or it is that chuck hole that was the result of a well-placed 5 iron.  Replace your divots in the fairway.  It makes it better for everyone.
  • While we are on the subject of repairs.  FIX YOUR BALL MARKS ON THE GREEN.  Great, you smoked your 9 iron and laid it perfectly 10 feet from the pin.  FIX YOUR BALL MARK ON THE GREEN.  While you are at it, fix a couple extra that you are sure to find.
  • Speaking of greens, how does anyone think that spitting something from your mouth onto the green for the next group that is going to putt is anywhere near anything that resembles etiquette?  Take your spits, whether it be the sunflower kind or the snuff kind, and leave them in the car or better yet, at home.
  • Cigars.  Nothing like a great stogie out on the course.  Finely wrapped tobacco is a tradition on the links.  It's fine.  Until you bring it on the green, into a group that perhaps isn't a fan, or you decide to flick ashes across the tightly mown area that is meticulously maintained by the superintendent.  Leave it in the ashtray in your golf cart.
  • Finally, respect for the other person's game.  Great, you are a better handicap.  It's awesome that you have achieved it.  But not everyone will be or even wants to be.  Stop soliciting unwanted advice on the golf course.  Unless someone else specifically asks for help or a tip, zip it.

Alright, I fired with both barrels.  It's your turn to let me know what drives you bonkers on the golf course.  Hit me up in the social media comments, in our app chat, or send me an email here.

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