While the internet may be the "information superhighway" it also leads to some not so savory things happening because of it.  Keyboard warriors.  You may have encountered one in an online chat room, on social media, or perhaps have seen a comment left of a review website such as Trip Advisor, or in this instance and case, a restaurant review found on the website Yelp.

Anonymity On the Internet Leads to Some Incredibly Terrible Comments

I appreciate an honest review.  Doesn't matter if I am looking for an aftermarket part for a vehicle, something for my golf game, even a gift, honest reviews are important to a consumer.  However, sometimes those reviews can lead to the unsatisfactory side.  But with the ability to be anonymous, people can let loose a torrent of bad perceptions about a business that may not be warranted.

What Are Those Reviews Saying About Our Restaurants in the Electric City?

Most often, most reviews on Yelp are positive when it comes to restaurants in Great Falls.  But we found a few outside the box thinking comments that we thought we would pass along.  Are they deserved?  Check in with us on our socials, through our appchat or email me your thoughts here.

  • Pit Stop Tavern & Raceway Cafe

This place literally made me want to download Yelp just to leave a review. Service was terrible. Was given the wrong beer and there was no attempt to fix it. Asked for water and it came super late just because of the waiter getting sidetracked with conversations with friends/regulars. I just didn't feel like I was a customer. Kinda felt like I was annoying the staff. And I am a chill dude that is friendly. Wings were pretty good except I got sick afterwards. Great environment...just wish the service was better.

The beer comment is what caught me on this one.  If you order a beer, how did they receive a wrong one?  Why not ask when served instead of just walking away disappointed?

  • The Stein Haus

I love coming here to have pizza, but you need to watch your bar charges. The last two times I've been in, we've been double charged for beer/drinks. Always the same bartender. Watch those voids.

This comment is a serious accusation of an employee at a business.  Should these types of comments be allowed in a public forum?

  • The Mighty Mo Brewing Company

Went to Mighty Mo Brewing because of the reviews for their wings. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. My order came with three anorexic drums and a broken leg drum. The flats were normal sized. I asked for their hottest flavor but it is only Buffalo. The beer was really good.
Will I visit again; probably not. It was Monday night and they had no way of showing Monday Night Football.

What exactly is an anorexic drum?  Seriously though, if Buffalo is what the hottest flavor is, then that is it.  Bring your own bottle of hot sauce?  As for the football on tv, perhaps a sports bar would be a better choice of establishment.

  • Tracy's Family Dining

I'm low-key kind of disappointed with this place. I was told it had some of the best breakfast in town, but it wasn't great at all. I got the Mountain man Benedict, and it was so bland. the eggs were not cooked right, and the hollandaise sauce was terrible. Not to mention our waitress was extremely rude and unprofessional. I won't be coming back.

If this is low-key disappointment, I would hate to see her when she is actually highly disappointed in something.  Perhaps some salt and pepper would have helped with this review.

  • The Roadhouse Diner

We went to this restaurant and I will never go back. The burger had a funny taste and the fries were way over cooked. We also ordered a salad and it was without a doubt the worst salad I have ever seen. They had simply opened a bad of lettuce and put on a plate. Nothing else to it and it wasn't even chilled. Service also was lacking....not attentive and slow.

Funny taste?  Was it a specialty burger that perhaps had an ingredient that your palette didn't appreciate?  I mean, specialty is what these folks are all about.  As for the salad, well, don't go to a burger joint for a salad.  That should be a no-brainer.

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