Charms of fortune have been around pretty much since the beginning of human history.  A favorite pair of shoes, a bow, knives, swords, even our pets have been considered a lucky charm to someone at some point.  But what about in today's times?  What is it that people latch onto to give them an edge in the game of life?

Maybe Lucky for You, Not So Much the Rabbit!

I am pretty sure that at some point in every person's life, they have had a lucky charm.  Probably a rabbit's foot in those pockets when you washed them.  Just enough to bring out the coloring that had placed on some unlucky rabbit's hind leg.  While this somewhat "tradition" of a lucky foot is still out there, it is pretty rare that this makes the list of lucky charms today.  In fact, it didn't even make it on the list this year!

But Will My Luck Really Improve From A Charm?

Well, perhaps not.  But the mind can do amazing things when it comes to making you believe in yourself when that moment arrives.  Perhaps it is more subliminal in nature that a lucky charm works?  More like a placebo than actually having any superpower to create luck for you.  However, if you believe it works, don't change it!  I continue to carry a lucky coin on the golf course for play, carried a lucky charm for my pool case, and even had a favorite number that carried on from high school.  While I wouldn't consider myself superstitious, if you think it helps, play on!  What charm is your favorite?  Hit our socials for a comment or email me here!

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