In a recent article on the website Deadline Hollywood, they reported that the Guiness Book of World Records is going to be bringing us a new television channel, a first for them.  The premise being that they would be showing people trying to and maybe even succeeding at breaking world records.  Think back to shows like "That's Incredible" and it should give you an idea of what will be happening with some of these "records"

World Records in My Home State of Montana

Some of these records you may have already been up to speed on.  Such as the coldest temperature, or maybe the widest temperature inversion across the state.  But what about other records that maybe don't make the headlines but are still none less impressive than any other record in the book.  Where does Montana stand when it comes to having home state people crushing it?

Weather Records, Sure!  But What About Some of The Crazy Records?

Montana weather will definitely be on the lips of many when it comes to records.  But we are also holders of records that you might not necessarily associate with the Big Sky state.  Who would have thought records in categories like gaming, marathons, clowns, or even waterfalls!  We own them all, right here in our great state!  While some of these records are safe for quite a while, maybe forever, there are some that we could see fall, especially if there is a new outlet for 15 minutes of fame.  Which ones do you think will be taken on?  Hit us up in the comments, with our app or via email here.  Happy record breaking everyone!

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