Apparently, in Montana, we can grow some things pretty large, including the folks that live here via this physical attribute.

You may be thinking weight, as obesity is a very large problem across the country.  However, that would be incorrect.  Montana leads the nation in being able to reach for things on the top shelf in the grocery store.

Yes, we lead the nation in height.  By a large margin even.

Did You Know One Of The World's Tallest Men Was From Montana?

During the years from 1969 up until his death in the 1981, Don Koehler held the record as the tallest man in the world.  Born in Denton, Montana, Don stood at his tallest, 8'2".  He is one of only 24 known people in medical history to reach over 8' tall.  Don was so tall and large that a specialty hosiery company was enlisted to make him socks.  But when you are rocking a size 22, it has to be hard to find anything that will fit on your feet.

World's Tallest And Shortest Men Meet For Guinness World Records Day
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How Montana Stacks Up to the Rest of the United States in Regard to Height

In the US, gathered statistics from across all states for the averages.  According to the data, the average height in America is 5'7".  The average for a male is 5'9" while the average for women is 5'4".

However, in Montana, we get a little taller than those national averages.  The data says that we reach an average height of 5'7.7".  For males, the average is 5'10.6" and females reach an average of 5'4.7" tall.

Do you know above average height people in Montana?  How tall are they?  Hit us up in the social media comment boxes, reply to us via the appchat feature in the app or you can always email us here.

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