If you were born in the latter half of the 1960's or the earlier half of the 1970's you are part of the generation that gave us electronics like Speak and Spell, the video game era came about with Space Invaders and then on to home systems like the Atari 2600 gaming system.

You played outside until the lights came on, you made your own meals after school, occupied yourself with chores and hung with friends.  It was one of the best times of my life.

As with most times of history, it is time to repeat itself again.  We've seen bell bottoms come back, hairstyles and more.  Now it seems that food is set to make a big comeback from the 1980's.

What Favorite Meals Did You or Your Parents Make Back in the Day?

Growing up in a ranching community, many times our meals were beef.  Or wild game.  Many of the trendy type foods weren't served up for meals in our home.  So, when I saw that some of these favorites were making a comeback, I admit to getting a little excited to try some of them that I never had the opportunity to as a kid.

What specific meals do you remember?  Did your family enjoy the newest thing in the 80's like buffalo wings?  Or maybe a Waldorf salad?  I don't even know what goes in one of those!

On the other hand, some of these meals are still main staples in my home to this day.  I mean, how did pasta salad ever go out of style?  Or sloppy joes?

Counting Down the Top 10 Popular 1980's Food Making a Comeback

In a new survey and article from The Daily Meal, people listed their favorite meals from the GenX generation.  How many do you remember having as a kid?  Hit us up in the comments of our socials, use the appchat feature with our downloadable app below, or just email me here.

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History Repeating Itself: 10 1980's Foods That Are Making a Comeback Today

If you grew up in the GenX generation, you probably remember some of these favorites. Or maybe you never had the chance to try them. Now, they are making a comeback in households across America.

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