Beyond the glitz of Las Vegas, a myriad of American cities harbor their own shadows, where vices lurk, and indulgences find their home.

From the beer-soaked streets of Milwaukee to the tantalizing allure of New Orleans, our nation pulses with clandestine behaviors.

No corner remains untouched by our human frailties, where the toll for our indulgences eventually comes due.

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The Sinful Numbers

Gambling addictions tally over $100 billion in annual losses for Americans, while smoking incinerates a staggering $600 billion annually from the nation's coffers.

To unearth the darker realms of our society, WalletHub meticulously scrutinized over 180 U.S. cities through 37 key indicators measuring vices and illicit behaviors.

The spectrum of data spanned from per capita violent crimes to the density of adult entertainment establishments, unraveling the intricate web of America's indulgences.

WalletHub’s comprehensive analysis entailed comparing 182 cities, encompassing the 150 most populous U.S. cities and at least two from each state.

The assessment delved into seven pivotal dimensions: Anger and hatred, jealousy, Excess and vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness.

To dissect these dimensions, 37 pertinent metrics were scrutinized, each assigned a specific weight.

Each metric scored 0 to 100, with a perfect score representing the epitome of sinfulness.

These scores became the basis for ranking the cities, revealing the diverse tapestry of indulgences woven across the nation.

Source: WalletHub

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