Today, December 15th, marks the exciting early bird drawing for the Montana millionaire, offering a chance to win an incredible $100,000.

I’m Afraid I was Too Late For Montana Millionaire

Looking ahead, the pinnacle moment awaits on December 26th when the grand prize drawings, totaling a remarkable $1,000,000, will take place.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions from the Montana Lottery Website. 

Why don’t you limit Montana Millionaire to Montana residents only?

The Montana Lottery is available to everyone of legal age, whether resident or visitor. Limiting the sale of a product to some people while excluding others is discrimination. It would also be contrary to our mission and place an undue burden on our retailers.

Why don’t you limit the number of Montana Millionaire tickets someone can buy?

The mission of the Montana Lottery is to maximize revenue for the State of Montana. Our proceeds fund Montana’s STEM/Healthcare Scholarship Program and contribute to the General Fund. To limit sales of our products would be contrary to our mission and result in less positive impact for the residents of Montana.

Why don’t you offer Montana Millionaire or another raffle game more than once per year?

The Montana Lottery has a large selection of games available every day of the year. We believe Montana Millionaire is special and successful because it’s exclusive. While it is not impossible that we may introduce other raffle games in the future, currently we have made this strategic business decision based on detailed market research and analysis.

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