Don't Worry Great Falls, The Library Will Have Summer Concerts

Whenever I hear the word "concert" mentioned, my mind often clicks into gear thinking about a famous act coming to Great Falls.  We've managed to score an artist in the big leagues to entertain us in our town.


However, it isn't always about the big names coming to the city.  Great Falls and Montana have amazing artists that perform across many venues in the state and city.  One of those locations has just started a major overhaul, but don't worry, you won't miss a beat of the music.

Construction on Great Falls Public Library Bandshell Underway

If you have driven by the Great Falls Public Library within the last week, you may have noticed some heavy equipment operating near the bandshell.  That heavy equipment is tearing down the existing bandshell.

Great Falls Public Library Facebook Page
Great Falls Public Library Facebook Page

It has caused concern amongst music lovers in the Falls.  Many were wondering if the Summer Concert Series with the GFPL would be able to happen for the summer of 2024.

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Don't Worry, The Bandshell Will Be Operational in Great Falls for First Concert

After several posts describing the demolition, the GFPL wanted to make sure that people know that there will in fact be a concert series this year featuring a full line up of artists and musicians through the summer months.

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Coming this year for the GFPL Summer Concert series:

  • June 18th - Joel Corda
  • June 25th - Wilber Rehmann Quintet
  • July 9th - Pollo Loco
  • July 16th - Brandon Hale and the Dirty Shame
  • July 23rd - Supaman
  • August 6th - Little Jane and the Pistol Whips
  • August 13th - The Lucky Valentines
  • August 20th - John Floridis
  • August 27th - Great Falls Blue Grass

For more information about the Great Falls Public Library or about the Summer Concert Series they host, click here for details.

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