There are plenty of places to star gaze in Montana.  Most of us can walk out the back door and see more stars in the sky than you could in any other state.  Some people never get to experience a great big sky, full of stars.  This is only one of many perks that we have for living in Montana.


There are many amateur Astronomy Clubs around the state to join.  These clubs offer viewing nights, star parties, and stargazing programs.

How about stargazing at the Dusty Star Dome Observatory Webcam in Glacier Park?  Check out JD's story here.

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The ultimate stargazing experience would be staying suspended in the trees, swaying with the wind. in your own private cocoon!  Yes!  Check out with Stanton Creek Cabins in Essex Montana.

Stanton Creek Cabins, just outside of Glacier National Park, offer cabin rentals, wedding venue, family fun, and now cocoon rentals.  This is a perfect opportunity to take smaller children on quite the adventure.  Or maybe you are looking for a quite place to hang (no pun intended) for a romantic stargazing evening with someone special.  Either way, it is this is truly a unique opportunity.  How often do you get to tell people about that one time you spent the night in a cocoon.

Stanton Creek Cabins & Cocoon Rentals




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