This week, Mother Nature decided to bring winter to our beautiful area.  Not just a mild dusting that will be gone by the afternoon, but full on winter that reminds us that yes, in fact, we do live where the air hurts our face.  It also means the return of one of the most despised duties, shoveling our walks and driveways.

It seems that there are a few different types of people when it comes to keeping sidewalks and other areas cleared.  It mirrors summer to some extent in my opinion.  You either like doing yard work and mowing the grass, or you don't.  Same for winter.  You either enjoy it, or you would rather keep looking for a cheap and easy way to get to somewhere warmer and leave it all behind.

While you may think that keeping the sidewalks cleared is simply being neighborly, the right thing to do and love building character in your children, there are city codes that do require snow removal in most cities.  What are those codes and are you following them correctly?  We've put together a full look at them, plus which streets to travel in snow emergencies and where to report violations to.  Check out the gallery below to find out more!

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Snow & Your Sidewalks: Yes, It's In The City Code

If you have ever wondered about keeping those walks cleared during the winter and whether or not it's a big deal, here is your answer! Yes! Think of those snowflakes like the weeds of summer, they have to be dealt with. Learn more about the city of Great Falls' codes regarding your sidewalks and those of business locations throughout the city.

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