Will You Need Snowshoes on Christmas in Montana?

In some ways, I believe that the guy that painted all the stuff for the Saturday Evening Post is responsible for this.  Or maybe it should be Thomas Kinkade.  Painting all these fancy scenes of enjoyable snowy Christmas times of a past gone by.


Is it their fault for putting these wonderous visions of twinkling lights off snow drifts, or the friendly family snowball fights, or magical dreams of frolicking to make snow angels?  Probably not, it should probably be directed more at Mother Nature for not bringing us the white stuff.

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Amazingly Dry Conditions with No Snow in Our Forecast

According to the US National Weather Service Great Falls, we really won't be expecting any snow over the next week in our area.  Temperatures will also continue to be above normal in our region.  Some of those temps could be up to 20 degrees warmer than what we normally see.

US National Weather Service Great Falls Facebook
US National Weather Service Great Falls Facebook

Just How Dry Has Great Falls and the Surrounding Are Been?

You're not imagining it.  We have been incredibly dry in our area over the last few months.  From the US National Weather Service Great Falls:

After observing above normal precipitation during the month of October, Great Falls has only seen 0.28" since November 1st (thru December 16th). This is the 15th driest stretch on record, with the most recent year that was drier being in 2004 when only 0.16" fell (5th driest on record over the same period).

We aren't the only ones that are feeling the "December Drought" either.  They also report:

Helena has only seen 0.05" of precipitation since November 1st (thru December 17th). This is the 2nd driest stretch on record dating back to 1880, with 1969 being the driest at only 0.04". Last year (2022) the city had measured 1.32" from November 1st thru December 17th.

How has the weather affected your day-to-day routine, if at all?  Let us know in the comments of our social media, the app chat feature or you can email us here.

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