Ready or not folks the snow and cold is on it's way!

weather trending colder
National Weather Service

Weekend Weather Forecast For Central Montana

A dominant upper-level ridge is firmly positioned over the Treasure State.

This ridge will allow for dry and mild temperatures through the first portion of the weekend.

The days ahead usher in a series of frontal systems originating from the northwest, advancing on a southeastward trajectory across our region.

This influx of cooler air contributes to a gradual cooling trend in the upcoming days.

weather trending cooler
National Weather Service

As we progress into Sunday morning, an upper-level trough enters the western coast of the United States.

This weather system ushers decent moisture into our vicinity, allowing for rain on Sunday.

The trough's depth intensifies during the overnight hours from Monday into Tuesday, forming a closed-off upper-level low-pressure system.

Currently, forecast models, such as the National Blend of Models (NBM), lean towards a scenario of declining temperatures alongside the onset of widespread precipitation.

By Thursday, the NBM projects a likelihood exceeding 60% for high temperatures at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, the NBM suggests a greater than 50% likelihood of snow accumulation at lower elevations.

cold weather probability
National Weather Service

Nonetheless, it is imperative to underscore the prevailing uncertainty regarding the type of precipitation, its amounts, and the precise timing.

Even if we don't see snow next week, temperatures will tumble, and moisture is expected to make its way into the state.

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