Seriously, Temperatures In The 60's Next Week?

Montana weather at its finest. Over the last few weeks, we've literally seen the temperatures swing around 100 degrees. And the roller coaster ride doesn't stop here folks.

The forecast for the upcoming week presents an interesting weather pattern characterized by the movement of high-pressure systems, trough development, and potential temperature anomalies. Let's delve into the details day by day.

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Saturday - Shortwave Impact

On Saturday, a shortwave disturbance is expected to pave the way for a high-pressure ridge to advance into Montana. This transition sets the stage for subsequent weather developments throughout the week.

Sunday to Wednesday - Stagnant Pattern

As the shortwave deepens into a longwave trough over the Eastern United States and another trough forms off the Pacific coast, a relatively stagnant weather pattern emerges. This allows the high-pressure ridge to strengthen over the Western and Central U.S. during the middle of the week.

Temperature and Conditions

Warming and drying conditions are anticipated during this period. Weak frontal boundaries will traverse the region daily from Saturday through Wednesday, accompanied by periods of breezy, westerly downslope winds in the plains.

Windy Conditions

Weather models suggest that the strongest winds will likely occur on Saturday and Sunday. However, areas along the Rocky Mountain Front have the highest probability (>50%) of experiencing gusts exceeding 55 mph.

Temperature Peak

Tuesday and Wednesday are forecasted to bring the warmest temperatures. In the valleys, temperatures will range from the mid 40s to lower 50s, while the plains may experience temperatures ranging from the mid 50s to lower 60s. Notably, there is a small (10-20%) chance that areas from Great Falls to Lewistown could reach 70 degrees on these days. Such high temperatures in January are historically rare for these regions.

Potential Cooling Trend

However, guidance hints at a potential shift in the weather pattern as the Pacific trough begins to move onshore on Wednesday into Thursday. This change could introduce increased cloud cover and mountain precipitation, initiating a cooling trend.

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