Getting into the holiday spirit with the lack of snow here in the Treasure State has been a bit challenging.

But oh, how quickly we all forget how cold it can get here in Montana!

Let's take a look back at last year, for instance.

Totally different story!

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Arctic Blast Grips Montana and the Northern Plains

In the third week of December 2022, an Arctic airmass descended southward, plunging into Montana and the Northern Plains.

This icy intrusion extended its reach across much of the nation east of the Rockies.

Great Falls and several other locations in north-central and southwest MT felt the chill, with daytime temperatures failing to rise above zero degrees from December 18th through the 22nd.

Great Falls Weather 2022
National Weather Service Great Falls Montana

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Record-breaking Cold: December 2022 Outbreak

During this late December cold air outbreak, minimum temperatures plunged into the 30s below zero at numerous locations, with some areas enduring bone-chilling temperatures of 40 below zero or even colder.

The relentless cold also brought dangerous wind chills, reaching extreme values of around 60 degrees below zero in certain spots.

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Weather Outlook: A Drastic Change

The forecast for December 24th differs significantly this year.

A shift in the weather pattern sees air originating from the Pacific flowing across the region, maintaining temperatures well above normal through at least Friday.

However, a slight cooling trend is expected over the weekend, promising a change in the weather pattern.

Christmas Travel Forecast
National Weather Service Great Falls Montana

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