Colleges across Montana are able to boast about many accolades.  Most of those are great and tout what wonderful educations are possible at any of them.  However, one of those in Big Sky Country boast one of the worst accolades possible when it comes to a college ranking:  A Top College To Avoid.

It's On The Web So It Must Be True, Right?

After seeing the article posted at Auto Overload, I had to check it out.  Now, I know what you're thinking, why is an auto site posting about colleges?  Me too!  But, the article itself makes a couple of good points when it comes to Montana State University College Of Billings.  Having spent a little bit of time on the campus while I attended broadcasting school, I started to reminisce about my days there and the students that were attending in that era.

College Of MSU Billings Website
College Of MSU Billings Website
Overlooking The MSU Billing Campus From The Rims

I Think There Were Some Actual Students, Maybe?

I tried to think about what those students were studying and what the interests were around the campus.  I had to think about it hard.  I mean really hard.  Many of them were part of the athletics department, whether that was gymnastics, softball, volleyball or basketball.  But what did they study?  Most that were there seemed to be involved with academics.  Teaching was the focus for a few friends, with some just seeming to be floating through the years to some weird major.

What Do The Stats Say?

Back to that article though and it making some sense.  According to it, MSU Billings has a great percentage of graduates being able to get work.  89% of those graduating are able to find a job within 2 years of getting out.  Which means they can get to paying back those student loans a little bit quicker!  That's really where the good ends.  When it comes to those graduating, just shy of 28% are able to get it done.  Less than 1 in 3 who enroll don't make the cut.  Even worse, only 11% of those are able to get it done on time!

The Blame Game And A Where The Fixes Come From

While the article doesn't state it, my assumption is the students take the brunt of the blame here.  But shouldn't the faculty at the school bear some of that as well?  I mean, if people are trying to be teachers for our students and the future of what makes up our country, shouldn't students be learning from people that can teach?  Or are the students just really that bad at picking a profession?  Hence the dropout rate and the longevity of the campus life.  I can ensure you that the food court pizza wears out really quickly if that is your plan.

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