Being Bear Aware in the Spring in Montana

As spring tries to continue to be a thing in Montana, signs of the season are already upon us.  People mowing lawns, pulling out camping gear, getting travel trailers ready for treks to the mountains.


One of the other signs is that of animals starting to come out of their winter slumber to begin to enjoy summer in Big Sky Country.  Of those, the bruins are starting to show also, and making an appearance near towns already.

Grizzly Bears Are Out in Central Montana Already This Year

Seeing a grizzly in the wild is one thing, but when they begin to encroach on towns and cities, it becomes a concern.  It appears that the bears are already making their presence known in the central part of the state.

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In a report from the Chippewa Cree Tribe Natural Resources Department, warnings have been issued for the area near Rocky Boy, Montana for recent sightings of a bear or bears.  The alerts are for the Beaver Creek area and the East Fork area of the Rocky Boy's Reservation.

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Warning Signs and What to Do When Encountering Bears in Montana

As summer arrives, more of these sightings will be happening.  Be bear aware in your surroundings and know the signs.

Warning signs that a bear is becoming agitated can be any or all of the following:

  • stomping or hitting the ground with paws
  • growling or huffing sounds
  • flaring lips
  • bluff charging
  • standing on hind legs

If you do encounter a bear in the wild, these are some of the suggestions to avoid problems:

  • don't run, back away slowly keeping the bear in sight and bear spray ready
  • always carry bear spray and know how to operate the expulsion device
  • stay at least 100ft away
  • make plenty of noise to alert bears of your presence

For tips to stay safe in bear country in Montana, check the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks website here.

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