When it comes to being a teenager or younger adult in society and school in today's society, it's hard.  Sure, we can look back as an adult with rose colored glasses and remember all the great times that came with high school.  For some people, making it to high school and even graduating is an accomplishment in itself.  If you are like me, you might understand the subject matter and can apply it in the real world, but being tested on that subject can be a nightmare.

Should There Be An Easier Path Through High School To College

I wasn't really built for college.  I wanted to jump right into my career choice and be working on my trade.  My grades were ok, not exemplary, but decent enough to get me a diploma.  I worked hard, made my way to trade school/college and emabarked on my career.  My grades were never something that I thought were holding me back.  Others however have decided that even if you failed the test, you should get a pass.  It's called "un-grading" and it is starting across colleges in America.

Are Our Thoughts On Grades And Graduation To College Antiquated?

University of California-Santa Cruz advisors think so, stating:

grades are not a representation of student learning, as hard as it is for us to break the mindset that if the student got an A it means they learned.  If a student already knew the material before taking the class a got an A, they didn't learn anything.  If the student came in and struggled to get a C-plus, they may have learned a lot.

But how would you know that the student actually applied themselves to the material?  If history and time have taught us anything, it is that people will mess with the system as much as they can.  What do you think?  Is this a wave of the future?  Is it going to benefit our students and young people?  Let us know in the comments on our social media, contact us with the app below or email us here.

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