Our fair city gets a bad rap quite often.  Not just from across the state and other cities, but from our own population right here in Great Falls.  Common complaints that are often heard include something along the lines of poor food, shopping, music and just general stuff to pass the time with.  Does it deserve all the criticism?  Well, yes and no.  Every city has areas that need improvement, but on the other side of the coin, all cities have great things that make living in them worth it.

Great Falls Isn't Any Different, We Have Great, Good, Meh and WTF All Around

Who wouldn't love to have a major act playing a venue in their city every weekend, but in reality it just isn't feasible, especially in a smaller market.  Acts that charge $500k+ just aren't the radar here.  Nor are some of the bigger chain type stores that seem to pop up as an argument.  As times have changed, it seems so have people's choices about what is fun and what makes a town a good one.

Putting Items on Each Side of the Pros and Cons Piece of Paper

Instead of the glass is half empty, we should consider the good things that our city offers us on a daily basis to wake up too and enjoy.  Scenery that is unmatched, wildlife in our streets, clean air to enjoy and more.  Let's check the list of my 10 things that I love about living in Great Falls and the 5 that I hate.  You might be surprised at what makes the grade on each side.

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