Montana has 30 of These, Better Check Your Bucket List

In case you missed the memo, summer is here in Montana.  And as many of us enjoy the weather, we are also making plans to enjoy a vacation.  One of the unique ways to enjoy the state is via the thermal features that are scattered across the entire state.

Hot springs are plentiful across the state, with over 30 of them available to the public to enjoy.  Some are commercial enterprises, warm swimming holes, undeveloped springs and even privately held locations.

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That is a Crazy Price to Pay to Stay in Montana

A recent article from Tammie Toren sparked an interesting conversation among our family.  The article offered the new pricing model at the Chico Hot Springs Resort.  After seeing the cost, my wife and I nearly fainted!

Google Maps
Google Maps

That led us to look for alternatives to that area, but still be able to enjoy some of the hot spots that Montana has for thermal features.  Boy, was I surprised to learn we had so many of them across the state.  And they wouldn't cost an arm or a leg to see and enjoy them.

I Found This Cool Website About Hot Springs in Montana

Want to create a bucket list of places to hit across Montana for all the hot springs that are accessible?  The website Montana Hot Springs lists all of the popular spots, but also the harder to find.

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You can even order your very own custom map from Off the Grid Maps.  These custom maps show all of the thermal locations across the state.  For a complete listing of all 61 Montana hot springs along with coordinates and Google map linked locations visit the Montana USGS list for more.

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