Could Montana Do Better to Prevent Tobacco Use?

The image of a cowboy horseback, plugging across the countryside, trying to get the cattle to head to the pasture could take place anywhere in Montana.  That image might also include a not so popular object in it.  That of the cigarette.


Or maybe you are more familiar with the ring on the front or back pocket of someone.  The sure sign that there is a can of snuff within that pocket.  But is our state doing enough to combat the scourge of nicotine in youth and others?

That Iconic Man on Horseback Glamourized a Serious Problem

Many of us remember that iconic image of the cowboy smoking a cigarette.  You really couldn't not see it everywhere.  Montana even had its very own Marlboro man from Augusta, MT.

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Trying to convince folks that smoking is bad is a tough job, and it appears that Montana isn't doing enough to combat that image of the cowboy smoking.  So much so that our state received an "F" rating by the American Lung Association.

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Montana Fails 3 of 5 Categories from the ALA

In the report from the ALA, Montana received an "F" rating in the following categories:

  1. Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Funding
  2. Tobacco Taxes
  3. Flavored Tobacoo Products

The state did receive better ratings in the report on:

  1. Smoke free air
  2. Access to cessation services

According to the ALA recommendations, Montana could benefit in nicotine prevention by doing the following:

  • Increase funding for the state’s tobacco prevention and quit programs
  • Remove preemption, allowing local governments to protect public health from the health impacts of tobacco use
  • Defend and strengthen clean indoor air protections

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