Popular Candy Sold in Montana May Be Hazardous to You

Depending on your age or your affinity for candy, you may know the story of the dreaded "red dye number 5" that plagued the M&M's brand in the early 80's.  Over the years, lab testing has proved that it was probably a good thing to take these out of circulation.

While the candies were delicious, the ingredients that came with using red dye number 5 had the possibility of causing cancer, hence getting rid of the red candy.  But other candy makers have continued to use it.  One of those popular candies is about to be back on the shelves again.

The Peeps Takeover and Phenomenon in America Continues On

At one point in time, these candies were only available around Easter time.  But over time they have taken over each of the holidays with specialty flavors to enjoy year around.  Peeps are everywhere at any given time.  With Easter coming, they will be even more prominent.

Even with the Food and Drug Administration issuing a ban in the 1980's using it in cosmetics or external drugs, red dye #5 continues to be used in our food and drugs meant to be ingested.

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Keeping You and Your Family Safe in Montana and Beyond

Let's face it, candy is going to be brought by Peter Cottontail.  You won't be able to avoid that part of the holiday.  But you can limit the amount of the bad stuff that you partake in.

Most companies still using this petroleum-based product are using it for coloring purposes.  Staying away from certain colors will help limit the amount of this particular dye you ingest.  In the Peeps case, avoid lavender or pink colors.  This will be the final year according to the company that they will be using this dye.

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