Organized Retail Crime in Montana - Is It Happening Often?

Believe it or not, organized retail crime is not happening as often as it may be in other larger cities across the country.  That isn't to say that it hasn't, but the frequency of it is incredibly low comparatively.

It's a great thing, right?  Less of that type of crime is good thing.  And that is the catch.  That word "type" of crime.  Shoplifting is happening in Great Falls and across Montana, just not that "organized" type of crime.  Yet.

Defining The Difference Between Those Types Is Important

When shoplifting happens, it in general terms refers to one person stealing something in a retail store.  However, organized retail crime refers to more than just that one person.  It includes one person driving a getaway car, one person to distract a store employee, and one to do the stealing.

So, sure, we don't hear about those types of crimes happening as often.  It doesn't mean that it isn't happening.

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What The Statistics Have to Say Across Montana

In 2022, businesses across the country suffered around $86 billion in shoplifting losses.  That number is expected to jump to nearly $115 billion in 2023.

In Montana, those retailers lost nearly $300 million to theft.  Per capita, that number is almost $335 per capita in our state.  And while crime rates are always a concern in each of our cities, Montana isn't touching near what the national average is.  Currently, Montana is 2.73% lower in per capita than other states.

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