As a young child, picking a bouquet of flowers for your mother was just something that you did.  It was rather easy for myself; I grew up in the mountains with plenty of wildflowers to bring back a bountiful basket of petals for my mom.  Eventually though, we realize that buying them in a pot already clipped and ready to go from a flower shop was much easier.  You don't even need to leave the comfort of your home computer or phone to order online and have them delivered.

Is This a Victimless Crime?  Or Something More to the Homeowner?

With summer in full swing, many homes have decorated lavishly with flowers, pots and general upkeep.  You may have even taken a liking to a particular set of flowers in someone's yard.  Have you been tempted to clip just a few to take home and make a centerpiece from, without asking the homeowner?  Did you know it is illegal to do so?

Watching The Deed Happen in Broad Daylight

I recently witnessed a younger person do just that.  Get out their vehicle while in a business parking lot, walk to the landscaped area and snap off 2-3 large headed peonies, to I assume, take back home.  I was aghast.  Broad daylight.  Stealing a business's flower display.  Yes, it is illegal.  Entering property, whether it be a private residence or a public one, taking something that isn't yours and walking away is stealing!  It is called criminal trespass and theft.

Better to get to work on your own flower bed, or we have several wonderful nurseries across the Electric City that can help you with a nuanced centerpiece for your dinner party later in the afternoon.

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