Keeping track of the news in Great Falls, you may have noticed over the last several years that the problem of crime has become a hot topic for everyone in our city.  Theft, drugs, gang activity and more are common in the news headlines, not only in our town, but across our state and country.  During the pandemic, these statistics seem to really start to take hold in Great Falls, or maybe I am just more aware of these happenings.

Keeping Yourself and Your Property Safe in the Electric City

One of the hottest ticket items it seems of recent times is that of vehicle theft.  Especially in our winter months when we are more likely to leave that vehicle running while running in to grab a coffee at the gas station.  What are criminals targeting when they head out to do the deed?  The answer at the top may surprise you!

The Most Stolen Vehicles According to NICB Hot Wheels Report

The National Insurance Crime Bureau's latest report says that vehicles being stolen has increased by 25.1 percent since 2019.  But what are they stealing?  The report states that of the most commonly stolen vehicles, these are the top 5 stolen in America.

5)  The Toyota Camry.  With so many on the road, these are easy targets as the resale value is high, and there are tons of them to try and get at.

4)  The Honda Accord.  While this is a more eastern, larger city target, it still remains high in Montana as well.

3)  Full Size Chevrolet Pickup.  You'll find these everywhere across a state that requires you to own one.  One of the reasons that they are easy targets is the lack of security systems in them.

2)  The Honda Civic.  Smaller cars are bigger targets in large, metro areas, but Montana, because of the large expanse, also tops the list with these cars.

1)  The Ford Full Size Pickup.  Yep, the number one stolen vehicle in Montana and over a huge part of the country is the Ford pickup.

Others making the list included the Dodge Ram full size pickup, Nissan and the GMC full size pickup.

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Think We Are the Only Ones? Check Again, Even Idaho Is Seeing an Uptick in Vehicles Being Stolen

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau's most recent "Hot Wheels" auto theft report, these were the 10 vehicles that thieves helped themselves to the most in Idaho.

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